Deepu & Parker - Rina's Venue - S01E02

Previously on Frontal Knots - Rina's Venue S01E01

It took a bit of time to come but here it is! The second wedding I shot at Rina's venue. 

Deepu is awesome, she is a UX designer. I don't know what that means but if she's doing it, it must be pretty cool! What I do know is that she is a kickass ass fashion designer, almost all her clothing as well as some of her family's for the wedding was designed and stitched by herself. How amazing is that?

Trivia time: Deepu takes a year and a half to accept facebook friend requests. 

Parker is a huge Rajni fan. Ergo, Parker is amazing. Be like Parker.

This dude is one of the friendliest of grooms I have shot, always smiling and is skilled in pronouncing tamil words! He also thinks I am the best wedding photographer in the world. Can't argue with that.

Trivia time: Parker doesn't accept facebook friend requests. 

Time for the photos now from the Season Finale: