Ganesh & Hema - Cambodia to Kalyanam!

A last minute decision to pack her bags for Cambodia would change everything for her. And for him. They both had their Sayang da and we(I say we because this was a wedding in the family) got #BabyShayong.

Usually, I would write a bit about the couple and how their chemistry seemed to me in the brief period I knew them but with Ganesh & Hema being family, I could write a lot more. 

Hema is adorable, intelligent and alarmingly loud for her size. Ganesh is your average cousin - Always up for a pint of beer or two, plays the guitar and sings at an above-par level and is head over heels in love with his now wife. The two drive each other crazy and along the way of doing that have found a space for each other in their hearts. Imma stop with the romantic bullshit here because I have never in my life spoken 4 good lines about these two before. Hema is a fatty whose big day is over and she is old and married(And old, Did I already mention OLD?) and Ganesh, right now is probably laughing at Hema making a pretend angry face at my write up.

Cambodia to Kalyanam in Banting, Malaysia. Please hit the play button on my favorite "Fix you" cover by Mackenzie Johnson and go through these images!