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Ganesh & Hema - Cambodia to Kalyanam!

A last minute decision to pack her bags for Cambodia would change everything for her. And for him. They both had their Sayang da and we(I say we because this was a wedding in the family) got #BabyShayong.

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Deepu & Parker - Rina's Venue - S01E02

Deepu is awesome, she is a UX designer. I don't know what that means but if she's doing it, it must be pretty cool! What I do know is that she is a kickass ass fashion designer, almost all her clothing as well as some of her family's for the wedding was designed and stitched by herself. How amazing is that?

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Chaya & Dashu - Rina's Venue - S01E01

Let's start with Chaya, eh? She's like the coolest bride one could ask for as a wedding photographer! I have shot a lot of weddings in the last 4 years but I have never seen someone enjoy her own wedding as much as Chaya did. Her energy & enthusiasm is so infectious (and that is something that is also true for her whole family) that it rubs off on you very easily. I always felt as if I was attending a wedding in the family and barely felt like it was work.

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