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Anuradha & Parthiban - A wedding to remember in Tirupati!

We're off to Tirupati for this one and it was at one of the most beautiful hotels that I have been to personally, the Marasa Sarovar Premiere, located in the scenic foothills of Tirupati. The two days I spent shooting Anuradha & Parthiban's wedding was the most chilled out time I have had shooting a wedding, these two were incredibly patient and always calm through all that happened over the course of their wedding, and a lot did happen!

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Shasvathi & Karthik - EPIC VEGAN WEDDING in Mumbai!

November was crazy. Especially if you were a wedding photographer. I was shooting almost everyday of the month and the rain gods decided it would be great to layeth the smack down on Chennai with showers like never before. It reached a point where the mornings were spent yearning for sunlight more than coffee. But it never came.

So, I went to Mumbai, to learn a thing or two about sustainability, eco friendliness and animal welfare. And I learned all of this through a BIG FAT EPIC INDIAN VEGAN WEDDING! There were no real flowers, no silk sarees, no leather and neither was there wool. 

What was there though were ecstatic people & pets celebrating a wedding in the family. Planet Earth was celebrating with them too.

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