Rupak, Jasmine and how I shot their wedding, twice.

Did you open this post because of my SENSATIONAL AND CLICKBAITY headline? Am I doing Buzzfeed 101 right?

Two blogs posted in the same week! can you believe that? That would have been the title of this blog if I had had a sizeable audience that actually read my blog. *Crie*

This wedding(s) is special in so many ways. The two of the had a maddening day of ceremonies starting at 4 am. They got married twice on the same day, early in the morning in an Arya Samaj ceremony, followed by an evening walk down the aisle at St. Teresa’s church. Add in a reception as well, and you have a day that lasted an era.

Rupak is the romantic one, he surprised her with a ring at their favourite place in Chennai, the beach. Jasmine sometimes can’t understand how he puts up with her. She will tell you that, and she will giggle like a kid.

Their wedding, both of them, was a wonderful affair and I am so excited to share these photos with you. Thankfully, on this day, I was working with Siva & Ever After wedding filmers ( of #JettiKuJanu fame like DUH! ). With them around, your day flies.

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