Shruti & Vishnu - Rina's Venue - Chennai

Another year has passed by, can’t believe it will be 2020 in a couple of months. 2019 has been another year of me false promising you guys about blogging regularly but I think 2020 is going to be OUR YEAR! (Maybe for Liverpool as well CRIE) I finally let go of my unnecessary obsession of shooting weddings alone and started shooting with friends. It has been wonderful to collaborate with Miss. KSK of rollontwo fame and with the boys from Ever After. It feels great to finally work with a set of people whose work i resonate with not just in terms of aesthetics but also in vision and ethics.

Now that I have answered the 5 mark question you never asked, let me get back to to these two wonderful souls who got married a couple of weeks before I did at the VERY SAME VENUE!

Shruti & Vishnu are both rockstars! They like to party, and they like to PARTY HARD! We had 5 events or so to cover with a jam packed schedule in the 2 days we were shooting and not once did I see their energy drop. Now that I am writing this, I am realizing that this is also true for their friends and family. Something Shruti posted on her Instagram right after their wedding has stuck me with, she wrote this for Vishnu and I quote, "My soul knew yours before the beginning.Your soul knew mine before we needed skin to live in. Maybe we’re fallen pieces from the same star.”

Hit Play and scroll down.

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