Priyanka & Anush - A walk down the aisle in Orchha!

Orchha, November 2017.

This one has a taken a long time but finally, it is here.

Probably the most intimate wedding I have shot and I cannot thank Priyanka and Anush enough for pulling it off, and I cannot thank Anushree ( Check ) enough for trusting me to shoot along with her on this.

Getting to Orchha was an adventure on its own. I flew up to Delhi from Chennai late in the evening, Uber-ed to Delhi railway station past midnight, spent the winter night in the company of strangers and the familiarity of the Delhi chai, took a morning Shatabdhi to Jhansi and then drove down to Orchha. The best part of the journey was the destination. Orchha, what a beauty!

I am going to tell you guys nothing about the wedding except that it was a non-religious affair. Oh, and also, PINTEREST worthy!

Hit play on this beautiful cover of Lailakame and go through the images and let me know what you think in the comments.