Priyanka & Ananth - The Mumbai-Chennai Express!


My new years' resolution was to post this on the 1st of Jan. Now that resolutions are out of the way, I can go back to living my life unplanned and on impulses.

Well over 200 weddings now, I wasn't expecting to see anything new, nothing that would surprise me anyway. But Surprise they did, and they did it well before the wedding - Priyanka didn't "contact" me. She did not shoot a mail to me, neither did she call. She did not DM me on Instagram or message on facebook. Sometime in mid-2017, I woke up and found myself as a part of a WhatsApp group called "Wedding Photography". This was a first. 

Ananth & Priyanka had been following my work for a very long time and I was instantly comfortable with them, they got married in Mumbai in an Arya Samaj ceremony and had their cocktail in Chennai. The rest is history which you can see in FULL HD down below.

Would you like some music to go with the images? Hit play & scroll.

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