Anuradha & Parthiban - A wedding to remember in Tirupati!

Hello, minions! (Is that phrase still a fad? Apologies, I haven't written anything for a good 7-8 months or so)

This is my first blog post in almost 8 months! It's been a great year 2016, work wise and I have so much to share from this past year but work and life has kept me ever so busy and the undeniable laziness in me has made sure I haven't gotten around to posting any of the images from 2016 on here. Not anymore.

Alright, let's do this. 

We're off to Tirupati for this one and it was at one of the most beautiful hotels that I have been to personally, the Marasa Sarovar Premiere, located in the scenic foothills of Tirupati. The two days I spent shooting Anuradha & Parthiban's wedding was the most chilled out time I have had shooting a wedding, these two were incredibly patient and always calm through all that happened over the course of their wedding, and a lot did happen! The night of their reception, demonetization was announced and the day of their wedding, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States!

This is one wedding I am not going to forget for a long, long time and I hope the photographs below will make the two of them feel the same way:

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