Shasvathi & Karthik - EPIC VEGAN WEDDING in Mumbai!

November 2015
It arrived. 

Early in November, I got an Email that read:


Global warming is no longer an impending threat, its a reality we are living. It’s happening right now, and we are seeing manifestations that are affecting our lives more seriously and evident than we think. Here’s a good example, one that would need you to loosen up your baggage a bit.

Khopoli, where the wedding venue is located, usually sees December temperature of 15 degrees minimum and 30 maximum. A lovely band for a mildly chill evening function and a pleasant day event. But this year, the weather has stunned us. Temperatures during the day haven’t gone a bit below 34 and night hasn’t seen anything lower than 24 yet. And that’s alarming and disappointing. A swing of 20% and more is serious and a signal to look at what we do and how we arrest this trend.

What it means in the context of your baggage is what you’ve tucked into your suitcases... You can comfortably pull out the heavy sweaters and jackets, shawls or any other heavy wear you were intending to carry. It’s more like summer, and blankets at the venue will more than suffice for the nights.
— Anand Siva (Shasvathi's dad)

November was crazy. Especially if you were a wedding photographer. I was shooting almost everyday of the month and the rain gods decided it would be great to layeth the smack down on Chennai with showers like never before. It reached a point where the mornings were spent yearning for sunlight more than coffee. But it never came.

So, I went to Mumbai, to learn a thing or two about sustainability, eco friendliness and animal welfare. And I learned all of this through a BIG FAT EPIC INDIAN VEGAN WEDDING! There were no real flowers, no silk sarees, no leather and neither was there wool. 

What was there though were ecstatic people & pets celebrating a wedding in the family. Planet Earth was celebrating with them too.

November 26, 2015 - Mehendi!

Fun Facts: 
1. The Henna was organic and herbal. 
2. Nice touch here to hire the local chaat wala of the society to extinguish the 4 pm hunger. He has been working the area for more than 2 decades and served some mouth watering snacks sans the curd based ones. 

November 28, 2015 - Pool Party!

Fun Facts: 

1. No Banana trees died for this wedding, instead they were just temporarily planted in a pot.
2. Shasvathi fell down before she even stepped foot inside the pool rendering the nearby crowd to a collective gasp. A sigh a relief followed a moment later when she was alright and good to go. POOL PARTAAAY!
3. All guests were given organic toiletries. 
4. All the grannies joined in on the fun. One of them even made a 3 finger gesture at the camera. I am still trying the decipher the meaning. 

November 28, 2015 - Sangeet!

Fun Facts: 
1. I witnessed the practice session of the Sangeet on the 27th of November at Shaadu's residence and also had Vada pav! 
2. The Vegan Ice cream was brought all the way from Delhi, in a special refrigerator, on a Train. Because Flight leave carbon footprints! It was also the best goddamn Ice cream I have ever had. Bonus points for the edible spoon!

November 29, 2015 - The Wedding!

Fun Facts: 
1. Shasvathi's make up was not tested on animals. It was directly tested on her.  
2. The dry coconut carvings had messages for the world(You'll see them down below) rather than the usual deity carvings.
3.  The wedding ceremony was done the Arya-Samaj way and it was the mothers from both sides who helped conduct it. #AwesomeNo? 

Why stop here with the photos? Check out Shasvathi & Karthik's Wedding film, beautifully filmed and edited by The Marigold Company:

November 2015 Monetria Resort, Bombay Shot: Anvitha Pillai and Naveen Yadav Edit: Anvitha Pillai The Marigold Company/facebook Cover Photo Courtesy: Ramkumar Ramachandran (FrontalKnots) P.S: No dairy, silk, plastic, leather, flowers was used/consumed at this wedding.

So there you go, A BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING where life was cherished and none of it perished. :) 

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