Sharada & Sunny - 3 magical days in Coimbatore

First things first, this is going to be a HUGE post and would involve a lot of scrolling but I promise you, the images are worth it. 

Sharada likes to get things done early. She contact me first around independence day last year for her wedding this August. I should be forgiven for not noticing 2015 on the mail and freaking out about how short a notice it was for the wedding until she clarified. Since then, I have had a year to prepare for this wedding, my first 3 day wedding shoot and it was one helluva' experience!

Sunny is from Mumbai, and as you know from my previous blogpost(Check it out!), I love Mumbai and Mumbaikars! Coincidentally, these two beautiful people met each other at this very city! 

But let's come back to Coimbatore. "CBE" is very close to me, it is where I shot the first of many weddings. Since then, I have come a long way and it has been ridiculously amazing experience and Sharada & Sunny's wedding just took it up a notch!

Every once in a while a wedding comes along where everything comes in place perfectly, where it feels someone or something is doing the lord's work to make it all just the way you want it to be, almost unreal that it leaves you with the widest grin you could probably muster. That is what happened to me. 

The blog post is not just dedicated to Sharada & Sunny, but the two wonderful families who came together to make it happen. They took care of me like I was their own and I ended being there, experiencing it all like it was a wedding in the family, rather than working.

So here it goes: