Aarush's day out - Mushrif Central Park, Abu Dhabi.

Hello there, minions! 

I took a break for a couple of months from wedding photography after a crazy new year period where I was shooting constantly till the end of March. April arrived and I was off to Abu Dhabi to spend a couple of months with my sister (who was then expecting her first child) and family. Home is where the family is!

As April turned to May, my fingers started itching for the shutter again. Fortunately for me, on came a tiny little assignment in the form of Aarush. An outdoor baby shoot to refresh my mind and get me ready for the upcoming wedding season back in India. 

Here are some of my favourite images from a shoot very close to my heart. It is pure joy to shoot toddlers and I really hope I get the chance to do similar shoots in the future. :)