VSCOcam - why it is my favourite app for mobile photography!

Shot at Nandi Hills, Karnataka. 

Shot at Nandi Hills, Karnataka. 

Two things are available in abundance these days: Wedding photographers and Camera apps for your smartphones! It takes something special to stand out from the crowd and my journey in wedding photography is an ongoing process in that direction. 

But VSCOcam has already been there and done that. Perfectly!

It is one among the list of very few camera apps that stands out when it comes to mobile photography and hands down the best app for post-processing your images on the phone. VSCOcam gives you a set of presets to start your post-production with and then a bunch of tools to tweak the images just the way you like it. 

The interface is sleek and you have more flexibility over the way you edit your images than you would have on Instagram and other similar apps. No wonder you find a whole bunch of images these days on Insta with the #VSCO tag on them. Most of the presets in VSCO are loosely based on films used in photography and their film pack for Photoshop & Lightroom are pretty famous among photographers. 

VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company and so without further ado let me supply you with some visuals that were shot and processed on VSCOcam. A bunch of my friends volunteered to share their images for this post so let me start that: 


Nivedita Venkat - @niveditav_ 

Ahana Ravi - @ahanaravi

Varun Vasudevan - @thesimplecrew

Shravan Krishnamoorthy - @shravan2805

And finally here are a few of my images: 

I hope these set of images gives you an idea of how aesthetically pleasing your photos can look when you use VSCOcam. Personally, I feel it is the best app out there for smartphone photography and if you agree go on and download it: For Android | For iPhone  

If you think you have a kick-ass VSCO image that should be shared on this blog, do mail me at contact@frontalknots.com

Have a great week ahead, guys! :)