Ananth & Rohini - A cross cultural wedding in Madurai.​

We love cross cultural weddings and this was one such affair between a marathi bride and a groom from Madurai! We traveled down to Madurai for the wedding with our a whole team and had an insane amount of fun photographing and filming Ananth & Rohini's wedding and engagement. The city was wonderful and the people hospitable, what more could we ask for?

Ananth and Rohini have come a long way from hiking and running partners to partners for life and it was our privilege to tell the story of their beautiful yet simple wedding at Madurai. It was our first time on an assignment in the city and I couldn't praise these two and their families enough for the hospitality they provided us with right from when we reached the city till we took our trains back to Chennai.

The wedding was ever so vibrant and the people so vivid. We also managed to take time for a portrait session for them at Marina when they came down to Chennai.

And we were fortunate enough to film their wedding as well:

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