Nandi Hills - The Couple Shoot - Kumar & Aparna

I had just finished shooting in Coorg the previous day and left for Bangalore to my Perima's (Mom's elder sister) place. The plan was made. I was to reach bangalore, take the night off and go to Nandi Hills early next morning along with two very sweet people, and I am not saying this because they are family, but because they really are two really sweet people.

Kumar anna & Aparna manni a.k.a Kuppu(Can we please have this word catch on?) were up as early as 5 am and not surprisingly the ones to wake me up. We we out on the roads by 5:20 which is 1. probably the earliest I have left home and 2. Probably the earliest I have left home without having filter coffee.

We reached Nandi Hills around 6:30 AM and all through the way up I was quietly stunned by how beautiful the place was. The symphony of my silence did come to an end with jaw thudding hard on the floor when I got out to these scenes. These were the first two pictures I took. 

The weather was amazing and it cried for us to get of the car and we obliged. We were quite happy to walk, first to find a "Tea Kadai" for some coffee.

And then we did what we came for. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 

..Then we met some friendly creatures and bid adieu to the magnificent place that is, Nandi Hills.

Ramkumar RComment