The Setting Sun.

Sunsets are so common, no one notices them anymore. Until they actually do notice it. Then it becomes something so beautiful, so serene.

Lately, in Chennai, we have been having some really vivid sunsets and these are no run of the mill everyday kinda sunsets either! My Instagram feed has been filled with them in the recent past and the images have been a feast to the eyes. 

The Golden hour, as it is rightly called, is that time of the day when everything has a shade of yellow, a pinch of orange and a little of red in it. It really is the best time to take photographs. Here are a few that I have taken over the years:

So, after I went through my archives and found the above images, I wanted few of my friends to do the same and share with me some of their best images taken during sunset.

#MildlyInteresting as tweet was posted exactly at midnight.

#MildlyInteresting as tweet was posted exactly at midnight.

And I was overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised with the response I got! 

Here is twitter's contribution to this blog-post, some really amazing images, especially when you consider the fact that most of them were taken with a phone. 


These photo are all very different from each other and yet were taken around the same time. Thank you guys for sharing these with me.

If you think you have a good picture that you'd like to share, do post it on the comments sections. 

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