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Rohit & Aparna - A quaint temple wedding

First blog of 2019 in May - Forgive me lords and ladies, for I tied the knot myself this year and slacked and holidayed too much.

The year has had it’s moments, highs and lows, new beginnings and ends to incredible journeys. It has been jam-packed with work, family and LIFE!

Among all this, I found time to shoot a tiny temple affair with barely 20 guests including the bride & groom. Rohit & Aparna’s wedding was the calm I needed in my life this year and there is no better way for me to start the posts this year but with the photos from this wedding.

Their wedding barely lasted an hour but I hope these photos are well worth a lifetime to them!

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Divya & Shankar - My hostel mates in the city of lakes

Divya is Telugu and Shankar comes from Kerala, they got married in Chennai and settled down in Delhi where Divya pretends to work from home for a Bangalore based company but in reality she is holidaying in Udaipur eating Dal Baati Churma where she coerced me to come shoot their post wedding portrait session. Divya is also a traveler (not to be confused with a tourist). Shankar makes solar systems for a living( according to Divya at least), hates on onion for no reason, lives on Cappuccinos and kicks ass at FIFA.

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Shikha & Jole - Orapeer in Kottayam

Something about Kerala is so calming. Maybe it is everything about Kerala - People, places and all the plantain trees, the movies and the stories. Talking about stories, here is one from the
beautiful town of Kottayam.

Shikha & Jole had their Orapeer a little less than a month ago and documenting this tiny affair was was a lot of fun considering how easy both they and their families were to work with, not to mention the incredible hospitality I enjoyed the day I was there.

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Priyanka & Anush - A walk down the aisle in Orchha!

Probably the most intimate wedding I have shot and I cannot thank Priyanka and Anush enough for pulling it off, and I cannot thank Anushree ( Check www.anushreegavas.in ) enough for trusting me to shoot along with her on this.

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