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Shikha & Jole - Orapeer in Kottayam

Something about Kerala is so calming. Maybe it is everything about Kerala - People, places and all the plantain trees, the movies and the stories. Talking about stories, here is one from the
beautiful town of Kottayam.

Shikha & Jole had their Orapeer a little less than a month ago and documenting this tiny affair was was a lot of fun considering how easy both they and their families were to work with, not to mention the incredible hospitality I enjoyed the day I was there.

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Priyanka & Anush - A walk down the aisle in Orchha!

Probably the most intimate wedding I have shot and I cannot thank Priyanka and Anush enough for pulling it off, and I cannot thank Anushree ( Check www.anushreegavas.in ) enough for trusting me to shoot along with her on this.

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Ganesh & Hema - Cambodia to Kalyanam!

A last minute decision to pack her bags for Cambodia would change everything for her. And for him. They both had their Sayang da and we(I say we because this was a wedding in the family) got #BabyShayong.

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